Pinkies Up Darling!

Cheerio Ladies and Gents!

One of my favorite things to do with the kiddos is have a Tea Party. It’s a selfish move really, I do enjoy my tea! It is especially helpful when I am in need of a caffeine boost towards the end of the day.

What little girl doesn’t love Tea Time? I sure don’t know of any. When we have tea, we are sure to be extra fancy. I use my best British accent (which is HORRID) and the kiddos laugh and laugh. They call it my “fancy voice”, and I can see why. I am extremely dapper. If being dapper means adding “Dahhhhling” to the end of every sentence and exaggerating every move.

I let the kiddos pick out their tea flavor and mugs as I put the instant hot water maker on (those things are super cool and I wish I had one in my own home!) Sometimes the extra, um, energetic child will pick the chamomile that I describe as “citrus” and I get a nice bonus.

I add the hot water, because only adults are sophisticated enough for that, right? Then the girls steep to their little hearts content! They love steeping their own tea, who knows why. It does get a bit splashy though, but that is the price we pay for delectable tea!

I use a whole slough of arbitrary “tea instructions” to prolong the process, and the kiddos eat it up. Man, I’m good.

Photos courtesy of my EXTRA fancy "High Tea" in Victoria, British Columbia

Photos courtesy of my EXTRA fancy “High Tea” in Victoria, British Columbia

“Ok DAHHLING, you must sniff your tea after approximately 3 minutes. Does it smell ready?’

7-year-old replies poshly, “No Madame… it needs MORE STEEPING!”

Splendid. A few more minutes then!

“Alright my precious, I think it has been properly steeped… ICE CUBE TIME! Dahling.” I do this so they can instantly drink it, no one wants to wait for their tea to cool! They each add 2 or 3 ice cubes and we’re ready to continue.

In my fanciest, corniest, worst accent I can muster, “Do you want a spot of milk with that?” Gets them EVERY TIME. They giggle at me, and I feel like a stupendous nanny. Or should I say Au Pair? Not the same? Ok fine.

They usually convince me for a “spot of honey” as well, and because they use their most elegant fancy voices, I concede. I cannot refuse a cute accent from a child.

When the tea has been elaborately and painstakingly prepared (are you sick of my thesaurus words for extra sparkle yet?), we each carry our mugs to the table. It’s a challenge, but my ladies are quite sophisticated for their age. Then comes the most important part of tea time: the pinky.

“Pinkies up dahhhhhhhhhlings!” more laughs for me. Yes!

photo 1

With a pre-emptive apology to any readers I might have out go the country, I have taught them to say “Rubbish Bin” instead of garbage and “Loo” instead of bathroom. It’s magnificently adorable.

Our posh spectacle is then interrupted by one kiddo or another, having tired of the classy act, by letting out a nice belch or bringing up potty words. Can’t say I didn’t try! Afterwards, we read Facny Nancy and mock each other’s accents. A good time is had by all!

Does anyone else have an elaborate Tea Time ritual?


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